How Salesforce Integration will change the way you do business

If your anything like me, running your business requires a lot of software, it seems like you have to keep track of everything, which means several different logins and website to visit which are all set up slightly differently causing you to take time away from actually being productive to figure out how to enter some new information, again. I got great news, Salesforce allows you to integrate all your programs into one easy to use software.

Salesforce integrates easily with all the top local programs like Oracle and Microsoft while also combining data from SAS programs, your EPR and Supply Chain. This allows you to make the most out of your investment in these programs because by combining all your software into one system you can start to seek patterns that you might not have noticed before, while also creating more consistency, efficiency, and ensuring that your quality inconsistent.

When we integrate the user interface of two or more apps into salesforce you get the same functionality and ability to update the information, create leads and opportunities, but now it is all in one place on a simple to use interface. Since all the data is stored in the particular application, not in Salesforce you can still use each program individually.

We don’t just stop with integrating all your business process into one simple to use interface, we add some sweet automation, like automatically send out a customized thank you email after you hand up on the phone, or have a quote created based on the current prices in your EPR and pull date information from your supply chain database and be able to accurately answers any questions the prospective client has while onsite.

Salesforce Integration brings business-critical programs together for a more effective workflow. Integrating allows you to see all your data, generate reports and perfect your workflow for a more efficient and streamlined experience for your employees and clients. If you are interested in learning more about salesforce integration and how you can get it for your business give us a call or leave your information and we will help you and your business be more successful.