SiFer focuses on assisting you by simplifying technology decisions to grow your revenue opportunities and enable you to take full advantage of all sales cloud features and functionality.

Sales Cloud compiles all account data into one convenient window, without the need to toggle from screen to screen. Allowing for a complete account overview and a more streamlined strategy.

Sales Cloud can assist with all areas of your business

  • Account Types (prospects, customers, partners, vendors, etc)
  • Contacts & Relationships
  • Contracts
  • Files
  • Activities – emails, tasks, calendar events (email integration)
  • Opportunities
  • Quotes & Proposals
  • Path – create your sales workflow for every line of business
  • Validate when needed to make sure sales team is getting the right information to close deals faster
  • Create/Email quotes in seconds (eSign capabilities) to save time
  • Report real-time your open and closed deals
  • In-depth reporting/dashboards – See win/loss ratios and closing rates of your sales reps
  • Create accurate forecasts that can be customized to your business bused on revenue or product quantities (Pipeline, Product Families, Expected Revenue, Team Splits, Territories)
  • See real-time company actual vs goal
  • See real-time team or sales rep actual vs goal
  • Share contacts, leads and records
  • Convert leads to opportunities
  • File sharing
  • Data sharing
  • Dashboards/Reports
  • Work order estimates
  • Assigning the right resources to work order estimates
  • Do you have a unique need that isn’t included in the application? We can build that!
  • Integration with other important systems (ERP, Accounting, Custom Systems)
  • CompanyCam
  • checkFleet (GeoTab)

Replace manual, repetitive tasks with automation

SiFer wants to get to know you and your business. We work closely with you to understand and improve your sales process. Contact us to learn more!