Owner of Sifer Consulting Excited to Join ICT Executive Committee at UW-Stout

Women in Technology is a social group that focuses on the personal growth of women in technology-based fields, not a place that you think a male would be interested in. But that is exactly what sparked a strong partnership between Evan Sveum, a professor and program director of the B.S. Information Communication Technology Program (ICT) at UW-Stout and the owner of Sifer Consulting, Monica Bunch when he reached out about joining.

When contacted the past February, Monica was hesitant at first but quickly jumped at the idea of having a partnership with a passionate educator. As the conversation grew it became clear how important his students and the community he fosters are to him.

Evan has shifted his program’s focus from Microsoft Dynamics to Salesforce as UW-Stout and many other UW schools are now implementing Salesforce as their CRM. The shift has created a gap in collaboration between academics and the industry using Salesforce, which has sent Evan on a search for partners and ways to get involved in the Salesforce community. As the Director of B.S. ICT Program, Evan needs to build industry connections that will make both his students and community successful. Using his connections, he assembled the ICT Executive Committee, which helps plan the future of the program and gives direction, advice, and sometimes resources to better equip students with the knowledge they need to be successful.

Evan attended his first Women in Technology meet-up this June and helped give insight and a unique perspective on the topic of Allies & Men Mentors. He is dedicated to making sure the connection he builds with alliances in Salesforce community will help give the perspective that is needed to make his program and UW-Stout successful.

On his search to find knowledgeable and dedicated professionals willing to join him, Evan reached out to Monica about sitting on the ICT Executive Committee. She has enthusiastically accepted the request as she is passionate about helping the next generation grow and think critically. As Salesforce is growing, she is excited about the opportunity to give back and support in any way possible.