Lightning Experience, SalesForce Transforming Interface


You already know that the Lightning Experience interface from Salesforce has reinvented the desktop environment to better support your business processes. Its intuitive, intelligent interface helps your sales and service teams work easily and more productively. And Salesforce is committed to bringing new enhancements to its Lightning platform several times a year.

Lightning’s Reports and Dashboards feature helps you get more from your data. Lightning’s reports are easy to read and filter, its interactive charts bring your organization’s data to life, and its dashboard editor supports flexible layouts. And with its most recent spring 2018 release, Salesforce is offering users a number of new features in chart enhancements for Reports and Dashboards. These include:

  • Display Up to 1,000 Groups in Line and Bar Charts in Dashboards. For line and bar charts, including cumulative line charts and stacked bar charts, Salesforce has upped the number of displayed groups from 500 to 1,000! All other chart types still show up to 200 groups. In Reports, charts continue to show up to 2,000 groups.
  • Set Chart Legend Position. Choose whether to set the once-fixed legend to appear on either the right-hand side of a chart, or the bottom.
  • Download Chart Images from Dashboard Components. Expand dashboard component, then click to download the chart as a .png image file.
  • Combine Small Groups into “Others” on Donut and Funnel Charts. Keep donut and funnel charts easy to read by grouping segments that comprise 3% or less of total data into a group called “Others”.
  • Edit Segment Ranges on Gauge and Metric Charts Regardless of Whether or Not You Show the Range. Previously, to edit segment ranges on gauge and metric charts you had to select Show Range. Now, you can customize segment ranges regardless of whether you select Show Range or not.
  • Show Total on Donut Charts. Choose to show or hide the total in the center of donut charts.
  • Show both Totals and Percentages on Donut Charts. Previously, you could show either numerical values or percentages on donut charts. Now, you can show both at the same time. To help you show both values and percentages at once, we replaced the Label Groups dropdown with checkboxes: Show Values and Show Percentages.

Visualizing business data is about understanding business data. With improved charts features, SalesForce helps you see your data even better. For charts assistance, or to learn more about how you can benefit by utilizing the new features in Lightning Experience, contact Sifer Consulting today!

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