How to Maximize Salesforce Integration

Integrating your existing systems and applications with Salesforce can bring new levels of efficiency to processes across different departments in your company. Here are just a few ways Salesforce can help amplify your business performance:

Customer Applications

  • Salesforce allows you to connect all of your customer data, no matter where it is. With easy-to-use integration tools, you can bring together disparate systems and customer databases — data that lives in external ERP(Enterprise Resource Platform), Supply Chain, HR, or on-premises software like SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft. You can build a unified view of your customers and leverage sophisticated reports on your customers’ usage of your products and services.
    Sales and Order Management Applications
  • You can integrate your order management and logistics systems with Salesforce, allowing you to receive real-time alerts when customers receive orders or take immediate action if anything goes wrong with an order.
    If you are a brick and mortar business new to e-commerce, you can increase your online sales revenue by integrating Salesforce with your on-premise ERP system. Connecting Salesforce with ERP platforms also can help your customers keep track of their orders.
  • Accounting Management Applications
  • Integration between payment systems and Salesforce provides immediate visibility into services rendered and money owed to your company. This allows you to reduce the amount of overdue bills.
  • Customer Service Applications
  • By integrating Salesforce with e-commerce solutions, third-party logistics, and other business critical systems, your customers can quickly and easily return or replace a product if they are dissatisfied or if something goes wrong.
  • Integrating Salesforce with a field service solution and an ERP system will give you the ability to automatically dispatch customer service, as well as track and manage your service revenue.

Are you encountering a bottleneck in your business or looking for ways to maximize the investment in your existing systems and applications?

Consider integrating with Salesforce. Salesforce’s robust tools dramatically reduce integration time and help you modernize and improve the performance of business systems across your company.

Salesforce makes it easy to connect to the systems and applications you already rely on.

Maximize Salesforce in your organization.

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