Who is SiFer Consulting?

SiFer Consulting is a registered partner of Salesforce, Inc focused on training and implementation of this high performing sales automation software. The owner, Monica Bunch, has been an information technology professional since 1998. Monica is a highly skilled business and data analyst with experience in Business Intelligence, Project Management, Process Improvement, Integration, Automation, Customization.

SiFer noticed a void in the small-to-midsize business sector when it came to the same growth, success, and resources offered by Salesforce to large corporations. In her quest to assist businesses with maximizing their Salesforce investment, she became an Official Salesforce Partner working closely with clients from implementation to ongoing consulting.


Monica Bunch


She may fool you with her sweet smile and southern charm, but Monica is a true force of nature. Monica’s journey to success wasn’t one without obstacles, which she learned to overcome with perseverance. She knew from an early age that she wanted more out of her life. She taught herself how to work hard, always ask questions, and then work even harder. It’s how she has achieved success – climbing every single ladder put in front of her. 

In another life she would have been a cat having escaped death more than once. But in this life Monica has made a career of applying her grit and determination to every project she tackles. Her true passion is watching technology transform a business. She was once affectionately given the name “Data Wrangler” and she definitely considers data acquisition and migration to be her superpowers. 

She’s full of good ol’ southern sayings (“There’s more than one way to skin a cat!” or “You’ll catch more flies with honey than with vinegar.”) and adventure. She loves exploring new areas through hiking and traveling. But she’s also just as content to be cruising on her pontoon with friends, reading a book in the hammock in her backyard, or sharing deep thoughts with her cat, Edgar, and dog, Bella.


Beverly Tyree


When you meet Beverly for the first time, chances are your first impression is going to be very misleading. While this professional consultant appears quiet and conservative, she’s merely taking it all in waiting to reveal her true side, which is filled with love of eclectic music that ranges from heavy metal to broadway music and most everything in between, planning and throwing creatively themed parties, and reading, with her favorite being comic books.

Maybe it’s the transformation that she finds fascinating or the surprise at revealing something that wasn’t predicted. She is drawn to the transformation – things that change their shape or form under pressure have always fascinated her. Which may be part of the reason for her business success. Under pressure, she’s always been able to change and adapt and gives 100% of herself to every project she undertakes. 

Beverly has a passion for being involved in the impact technology can have on an individual’s work environment. She sees it through a lens of inspiration when tasks that seem mundane are given life through listening, careful planning, implementation, training, and automation.

Beverly’s passion for inspiration extends into her free time where she loves to explore practical art such as blacksmithing, glass blowing, gardening, or Japanese Temari. She also enjoys the simplicity of tending to her vegetable garden, chilling outside with her family and two dogs at every opportunity, and traveling to hole in the wall authentic restaurants to enjoy an excellent meal (recommendations always welcome).

How we work with our clients: from the introduction phase through implementation, training, and beyond!

sifer mind map

Our Approach

Why Us

We help companies decipher their marketing, sales and customer support strategies using the Salesforce platform.

We make sure our clients are aware of their potential for immense growth and performance using the crawl-walk-run method; understanding and mastering the basics before diving into the more advanced features offered in Salesforce.

We listen to our customers’ unique needs, goals and situation, and then customize the implementation and ongoing solutions for their company. SiFer is invested with the customer to see their projects from start to fruition. Our client commitment is for long-term partnerships to develop and grow using the robust Salesforce platform. We empower each Salesforce user, guiding them and providing support & training resources both either in-person or remotely based on your needs.